During the postpartum period, specialised care is provided to the mother starting within one hour following delivery and lasting for six to eight weeks. During the first few months after giving birth to her newborn, she undergoes many physical and emotional changes, because as a mother she learns how to take care of her newborn. As a result, postpartum or postnatal care at home is very important and involves.

  • Getting proper rest
  • A healthy diet
  • Vaginal care – It is wise not to engage in sexual activity for 4 to 6 weeks after delivery so that the vagina gets enough time to heal. If you have unusual symptoms like bleeding from the vagina or cramping, talk to your doctor about them as soon as possible so that proper treatment can be provided.

Postnatal Care at Matrusri Hospital.

Our experienced doctors in the hospital will design the postnatal care services based on the health and other requirements of the women after delivery. Some of them include:

  • Early diagnosis, prevention and treatment for any complications.
  • Counselling on breastfeeding, vaccinations, and nutrition for mothers.
  • Screening of newborns for birth defects and their health
  • Your journey into parenthood with your baby will be easier as we support you emotionally and physically.
  • During follow-up appointments with our doctors, you and your baby will be screened and can receive adequate medical care and counselling.

If you experience the following symptoms, consult a doctor immediately:

These symptoms are likely to be experienced by some women shortly after delivery:

  • Bleeding from the vaginal area.
  • A severe headache accompanied by blurred vision.
  • Urination problems.
  • Infection in the surgical area.

Experiencing these symptoms post-surgery indicates that there are problems with your health, therefore, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Postnatal care at Matrusri Hospital is specially designed in such a way as to prevent complications and discomfort after childbirth. Additionally, it includes safe and customised postnatal exercises tailored specially for your body type after delivery. The whole postnatal care in the hospital is governed by an experienced Obstetrics & Gynaecology specialist, Dr. Susmitha Reddy. Book an appointment to consult the doctor for any specific information.