Becoming pregnant is one of the most cherished moments in a woman’s life. Pregnancy these days is not as simple as we think. It is vital for her to have constant medical supervision during pregnancy in order to avoid complications. Ectopic Pregnancy is one of many pregnancy complications that can ruin the joy of pregnancy. Even though Ectopic Pregnancy is rare, it is serious and can cause life-threatening complications if left untreated.

What Is Ectopic Pregnancy? 

The uterus of a woman is the natural place for pregnancy to take place. Once the fertilized egg leaves the ovary, it travels through the fallopian tube, reaches the uterus & is attached to the uterus lining.

After being released from the ovaries, the egg is transferred into the fallopian tubes, where it meets the sperm to become fertilized. The fertilized egg stays for a while in the fallopian tube before moving into the uterus. 

So, when the fertilized egg doesn’t move into the uterus and develops in the fallopian tubes or in your cervix, then it is called an ectopic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy. The fallopian tube can’t support pregnancy; therefore, it’s a medical emergency.

Common site of ectopic pregnancy

  • Cervix – Cervical Pregnancy
  • Abdomen – Abdominal Pregnancy
  • Ovary Ovarian Pregnancy
  • Fallopian Tubes – Tubular Pregnancy

Causes Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy can be caused by:

  • Obstruction (an infection or inflammation of the fallopian tube) in the fallopian tubes 
  • Endometriosis
  • Congenital disabilities
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Irregular growth of the fallopian tubes

Ectopic pregnancy can be caused by a number of factors, including:

An ectopic pregnancy is more likely to occur in women who meet the below conditions.

  • Women who smoke and drink alcohol
  • The history of abortion
  • Women older than 35 years of age
  • Women who are taking infertility treatments and using medications
  • Prior abdominal or pelvic surgery
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) 
  • History of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Using birth control devices like IUD
  • Any history of ectopic pregnancy

 Symptoms Of Ectopic Pregnancy

  • Pain in the abdomen or pelvis area
  • Vaginal bleeding even in the absence of normal periods.
  • Absence of periods
  • Internal bleeding causes sharp pains in the neck and shoulders
  • Feeling weak 
  • Lightheadedness or dizziness
  • Rectal pressure
  • Breast tenderness
  • Gastrointestinal problems

These symptoms should never be ignored. Consult Dr. Susmitha Reddy, the best gynaecologist in Hyderabad at Matrusri Hospital, to diagnose and treat the problem for a healthy pregnancy. 

Diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy: 

An ectopic pregnancy can be diagnosed in many different ways:

  • Pelvic exam 
  • Ultrasound
  • Measuring hCG levels
  • Culdocentesis

Treatment and Care for Ectopic Pregnancy  

Ectopic pregnancy poses a great risk to mothers. If the mother wants to remain healthy and fertile in the future, the embryo must be removed as soon as possible. Depending on the location and development of the ectopic pregnancy, treatment options may also differ. 


In the case of an early-stage ectopic pregnancy, methotrexate (Rheumatrex) is often used to treat it. It destroys existing cells and prevents new cell growth. In order to take methotrexate, it is necessary to be certain of the presence of ectopic pregnancy. 

Laparoscopy Surgery For Ectopic Pregnancy: 

Some surgeons prefer to remove embryos and fix internal damage. Laparotomy is the procedure used to treat ectopic pregnancy. The procedure involves making a tiny incision along the abdomen and a small tube with a camera head is inserted into the incision.

By using some other devices the surgeon removes the fetus and repairs the damaged fallopian tube. Doctors explain the problem and treatment process prior to surgery.

Experts say that more than 60% of women with ectopic pregnancies can have pregnancy again normally. In order to have a healthy pregnancy in the future, ectopic pregnancy must be diagnosed and treated early.

A mother’s physical and emotional well-being can be affected by an ectopic pregnancy. We at Matrusri Hospitals are known for our expert gynaecologists and surgeons who specialize in treating all pregnancy problems.